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Magic Mirror - photo mirror with interactive workflow

Magic Mirror - latest technology - photo mirror

Magic Mirror is a unique photo generating product which brings you the latest technology for image acquisition. The full-body mirror with a slight design has a user friendly interface. It communicates with you and your guests over a touch screen with colorful animations and entertaining voice command.

photo mirror with a lot of functions

With customizable workflow- and layout-pictures you can choose from a wide range of functions to have your interactive photo shooting. Speech command, live animations, touchscreen photo signature and a colorful photo count-down - No problem for the Magic Mirror!

A Magic Mirror that takes only a short time to set up

The Magic Mirror is safe and easy to transport. The robust case owns two printer slots which can be used ideally as handholds. Attached wheels help to move the mirror around without difficulty. Despite of the strengthened interior fitting and the rugged workmanship we took care of a transportable weight. All can be set up by one person in a few minutes.

Our Magic Mirror with hi-tech quality glass

The quality of the glass screen creates razor sharp, crisp graphics all users can interact with. A perfectly harmonized transmission factor gives a perfect reflection on the viewer side and a colorfast rendering of a CRI of about 97% on the recording side.

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