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Magic Mirror Modell Manchester


The Magic Mirror model Manchester is equipped with the latest technology and a high-contrast and bright 55-inch OLED display. On the magical photo mirror animations run with voice guidance, which are operated by the touchscreen.

The material is HPL coated and therefore scratch resistant and shockproof. It also features shatterproof glass. Several castors on the floor facilitate its transport. For protection, a cover is also placed over the entire mirror.

You can personalize the picture. Be creative. Use one of the many emojis or write a message on the picture. The line width and the color can be selected. If something does not please you, you can undo individual steps with the arrow.


Our model Manchester captivates with a Barebone Nano PC as a powerful core for ultra-fast processing of high-resolution images.

The processor, an Intel Core i7 provides the high processing speed of the Manchester photo mirror.

A full 240 gigabytes of hard disk space provide enough space to store all recordings and data, even for extremely long photo booth operations. In addition to the slot for the hard disk, the device also has an additional hard drive bay, so it can be upgraded if necessary. Of course, the Nano PC in the Magic Mirror model Manchester is capable of W-LAN and has numerous USB ports. Camera and printer, for example, can be connected easily, as the keyboard for operating the PC. Also connected via USB is the touchscreen, which is used as the user interface for this high-quality Magic Mirror photo mirror.

Modell Manchester - Short specifications overview

Technical Data
  • 65-inch touchscreen

  • 55-inch OLED display

Barebone Nano PC

  • NUC8iBEH2

  • (8 GB) RAM

  • 240 GB hard disc

  • 2x SODIMM DDR4 2133MHz slots for up to max. 32GB storage

  • Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 with HDMI 2.0, mini Displayport 1.2 via USB-C connection

  • 1x Thunderbolt 3 connection via USB-C (40Gbps, USB 3.1 Gen2 with 10Gbps and DisplayPort 1.2)

  • Micro SDXC Slot

  • 1x 2.5" hard disc bay (SATA III)

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 115 mm x 111 mm x 51 mm

  • 3x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, 1x RJ-45, line-out, headphones, microphone

  • LAN-connection

  • W-LAN

Size And Weight

General dimensions and weight numbers


Height: 157 cm

Width: 95 cm

Depth: 63 cm


65 kg - 90 kg depending on equipment

Each Magic Mirror can also be individually adjusted in size.


Canon EOS M50 mit 15-45 mm IS STM

  • 24 Megapixels

  • tilt- and swiveable 7,5 cm (3 inch) touchscreen LCD-display

  • Digic 8


  • 4K video resolution (3.840 x 2.160)

  • WLAN

  • Bluetooth

  • Dimensions: 116,3 x 88,1 x 58,7 mm, weight: appr. 387 g


TTL flash unit with power supply and speedbounce

  • Thanks to the power supply you can dispense with batteries and accumulators as the flash unit is directly connected to electricity

  • Softer illumination of the motives

  • Reducing hard shadows

  • The round shape ensures natural reflections in the photographed persons' eyes.

Studio flash units with softboxes offer you the following additional advantages:

  • Soft light thanks to the softbox

  • Optimal illumination of the motives

  • better exemption for greenscreen and bluescreen shootings

  • Permanent power connection (230 V)

Choose between the following two studio flash units with softboxes:

Elinchrom studio flash unit with softbox

  • Plastic case

  • 5 infinitely variable apertures

  • No protection glass in front of the flash tube

Hensel studio flash unit with softbox

  • Studio flash unit made by a well-known brand

  • Stable metal case

  • Quality workmanship

  • Supply of a protection glas for increased operational safety

  • 6 infinitely variable apertures


Extensible software package

  • Individual design of print outs with overlays to imprint layouts, logos, slogans, etc.

  • Positioning of multiple photos on one print out

  • Imprinting of a numerical code; perfect for prize competitions and for the individual download of images from the online gallery

  • Colored, black and white, or sepia photos

  • Upload of photos via imprinted QR code

  • Direct sending of photos via e-mail by entering the desired e-mail address on the photo booth

  • Social Media Sharing: upload of photos direct from the booth to e.g. Facebook

  • Integrating of various background themes for either greenscreen or bluescreen shootings

  • Video booth function for recording interviews, congratulations, etc.

  • Self-explanatory photo booth shooting through inserting individual images

Choose "DSLR Remote Pro" in connection with a Canon-camera.


Drucker DNP-DS620

  • Printing technology: thermosublimation

  • Resolution (dpi): 300x300 (high speed modus) (max. speed), 300x600 (high quality modus) (max. quality)

  • Paper feed: roll paper (coreless)

  • Finishing options: high polish, satin finished

  • Printer driver for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Win XP, Mac OS X 10.9.5, 10.10 and 10.11

  • Port: USB 2.0

  • Buffer memory: 64 MB

Photo mirror Manchester purchase

From the first touch till the finished photo print


This video shows the whole process of the Magic Mirror. From the first touch to the finished print-out of the photo. You can see all animations and possibilities directly at a glance. Adding emojis for example or to tag or paint the picture.

For our customers there are different recording modes and layouts to choose from. You can modifiy layouts according to your wish and decide if pictures or videos are beeing taken.


sleek frames silver to gold

  • Magic Mirror magischer Spiegel
  • Magic Mirror magischer Spiegel
  • Magic Mirror magischer Fotospiegel

Social Media functions - Facebook - Twitter

After that, the pictures can be emailed or shared with friends. To create optimal images, the Magic Mirror is equipped with a SLR camera and a professional flash unit. An LED countdown ring indicates when the photo will be taken. A thermal sublimation printer is responsible for the print-outs.

Various frames are available for the customer. From the colors gold to silver, the smooth ones in between, to the somewhat unusual baroque frames. In addition to that, all frames can be equipped with a LED band.


Compact 157 cm high, 95 cm wide and 63 cm deep: these are real dream dimensions for a premium attraction at events. And these are the measurements of our Magic Mirror model Manchester. As a particularly compact photo mirror, the "Manchester" can also be used in a small space to attract a lot of attention. Of course, this photo box system also convinces with its inner values and technical equipment.


If you choose our Magic Mirror photo mirror - model Manchester, a Canon EOS M50 is installed, which is equipped with a wide-angle lens with focal lengths from 15 to 45 mm. This provides you with the full range of motif options normally required in a mobile photo booth. The lens enables group shots with a focal length of 15 mm as well as portrait shots with a slight telephoto effect at a focal length of 45 mm. The settings can be made on the camera, which is easily accessible in the photo mirror housing. With this camera technology, shots with 24 megapixels resolution can be taken - the SLR camera is able to make up to 4 pictures per second.

The camera in the Magic Mirror "Manchester" has a microphone port to use it as a video booth and it is wifi-capable as well.

In addition to all the equipment, which includes the photo booth camera, you can also order the photo mirror model "Manchester" with an already built-in printer system. On request, up to two printing devices are possible, because the Magic Mirror offers output-slits on both sides of the housing for the print ejection.

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Magic Mirror model Manchester - with a 55 inch OLED display


It's exactly this touchscreen that sets a Magic Mirror apart from all other photo boxes - and that at first glance. The Magic Mirror is "mirrored", that means, that in front of the monitor a spy mirror is installed, which denies the view into the interior, but can be used from the outside like a giant full-length mirror. It turns out, that: The entire surface can easily and conveniently be operated by hand like a touchscreen. This ensures that every audience - whether young or old, tech-savvy or amateur - can cope with the Manchester photo mirror instantly and without any problems. The 55-inch OLED display ensures crisp, crystal-clear reproduction.


In our Magic Mirror - model Manchester runs an extensive special software, which covers all photo booth needs and functionalities. The system's features include the ability to position multiple images on an imprint, customize print-outs using overlays, layouts, logos, etc., print number codes and QR codes on the photo box shots, use photo filters for image design, share images directly from the Magic Mirror via social media or email, and use the photo booth as a video booth. And, of course, the powerful software of our Magic Mirror model Manchester also ensures that different background motifs can be conveniently included and used for shootings in front of a green- or a bluescreen.


If you purchase our photo mirror with all its features, you will open up a multitude of possibilities. With the Videobooth function for example, video clips with personal statements, congratulations or feedback from guests can be recorded - depending on the type and focus of the event. The greenscreen function allows the installation of every possible background motif – which opens up a huge range of design options for the users. The full-body mirror with photo booth function can also be used excellently as a basis for competitions or for creating individualized vouchers. Thanks to all of these possibilities of decorating the photo box images, with emojis or handwritten signatures for example, you as the organizer or photo booth provider can offer users further unique ways of image design.

Talking about an offer: Of course we would be happy to create an offer for you to purchase a Magic Mirror model Manchester.

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