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The best reasons to buy a Magic Mirror

There are many good reasons to buy a Magic Mirror (photo mirror) as a photo box. The photo booths, which are mostly designed as a full body mirror, do not only captivate with their unique appearance, which makes them an absolute eye-catcher on every event and under every environment. They also offer a wide range of functions and applications. This makes Magic Mirrors (photo mirrors) the photo booth of choice for all those users, who are looking for an innovative attraction to impress audiences of all kinds.

We have listed good reasons why the purchase of a Magic Mirror (photo mirror) is worthwhile for you.

The most important reasons to buy a Magic Mirror at a glance:

  • The lucrative return on investment for entrepreneurs

  • The wide range of applications of the photo mirror

  • The connection to digital media

  • Securing of a unique marketing tool

  • The prestige effect of a Magic Mirror

Lucrative return on investment - high ROI

  • ROI

    Promising Return Of Investment

  • Start-up friendly

    Your quick entry into your self-employment

The lucrative return on investment for entrepreneurs

Start-ups and young entrepreneurs in particular, who want to calculate the highest possible return on their investments, can basically do so with the business model of „photo mirror-rentals“. When a company invests capital, it expects a certain return, which is earned or exceeded within a certain period of time.

The buyer of a photo mirror can clearly influence the manner how his offer is requested and how much he recovers financially within a short period of time. Depending on the hourly rates and the type of event, a Magic Mirror can re-invest itself after 6 to 10 events. Commercial, i.e. business- and private events are therefore calculated differently, but besides the fun that most photo mirror owners have by using the mirror, one can actually achieve a high ROI (Return of Investment) within a short time.

Highly recommended is the purchase of a photo mirror for event-agencies that want to stand out from their competitors. But also innovation-conscious companies as well as entertainment and cultural institutions such as cinemas or theatres can profit from the purchase of such an extraordinary photo box, which can develop into a real highlight in the foyer while being in continuous use.

Versatility and the wide range of application

The wide range of applications of the photo mirror

A mobile photo booth generally offers different kinds of applications - and with that, various ways of entertaining the audience. Magic Mirrors (photo mirrors) stand out due to their wide array of functions. In contrast to many other photo boxes, high-quality Magic Mirror models make it possible, for example, not only to make proper pictures and print-outs immediately, but also to design them very individually before their printing. Whether with emojis or personal signatures on the giant touch screen: The options to turn a photo booth shot with the Magic Mirror into a very personal souvenir are enormously diverse.

One of the most popular applications that modern photo mirrors offer as mobile photo boxes is the creation of video formats. Whether video clips or Boomerang recordings: The range of ideas of using a Magic Mirror photo box as a video booth is extensive. Buying a photo mirror therefore also means to secure a prospective powerful video booth. Of course, this requires that the implemented software on the photo mirror enables the recording and processing of videos - and that the Magic Mirror has connection options for a microphone or an integrated microphone. This is the case with the Magic Mirror models, that we offer for purchase, so you can easily use these photo boxes for all types of video creations.

  • Versatility

    Versatile applications and areas as well as different industries

  • Unique selling point

    Stand out from the crowd

  • Target group expansion

    Varying offers - DJs and photographers

Extensive software functions

  • Comprehensiveness

    Extensive software functions

The connection to digital media

What also makes a Magic Mirror a valuable attraction is its social media connection, which high-quality photo mirrors in particular actually have by nature. This could give users the possibility to share their photos from the photo booth on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, or send them by e-mail in order to generate new leads at the same time. Whoever buys such a device as an organizer will therefore also secure an almost real-time channel for an optimal marketing effect. On the net, the pictures and videos from the Magic Mirror are gaining momentum, partly due to their viral effect. That's why buying a photo mirror is always also an investment in expanding your online reputation and reach.

But not only the recordings, also the Magic Mirror itself often becomes content for social media channels. This type of mobile photo box is so innovative that it often leads to the following phenomenon: visitors take pictures of themselves not only using the photo booth, but also together with the photo mirror on a selfie. These photos also migrate to social platforms and provide further buzz - in other words, the background noise, which is so loved by marketers in communication about an event or an institution.

A unique marketing tool

Securing of a unique marketing tool

Talking about marketing: A Magic Mirror (photo mirror) today can be regarded as a unique marketing tool. Because of the fact, that a Magic Mirror is a comparatively new and very fascinating form of mobile photo boxes, it attracts attention at marketing events such as trade fairs or promotions. And with the innumerable unique photos created by this high public interest, marketing can be done in a very targeted way. Whoever uses the Magic Mirror photo box as a host, secures hundreds or thousands of motifs that present its event or institution in an all-around positive context. In addition to that, the event or, in the case of images with brand logos or slogans, the advertised brand remains positively anchored in the memory of the visitors of the event.

  • POS

    Perfekt marketing tool for the point of sales

  • Branding

    Advertising space on screen or the photo booth housing

  • Unique selling point

    Stand out from the crowd

  • Target group expansion

    Varying offers - DJs and photographers

Communication and customer interaction

  • Fun factor

    At every celebration and every event

  • Communication

    Team building measurements and customer interaction

The impressive effect on communication and customer interaction

Whether at an event or in the search for an entertainment element in continouus use at a public institution, a company or in a commercial environment, ideas for attractions that are able to inspire and captivate people of all kinds and temperaments are in high demand in many places today. A Magic Mirror is an absolute safe thing in this regard. Because hardly anyone can escape the fascination of a photo booth in a mirror design. People today are used to seeing mobile photo booths on events or in public areas of public institutions. But with a photo mirror, even the most experienced party-goers can be amazed. This is because of its eye-catching design and also by the individually configurable video animations that can be displayed on the mirror surface.

In addition to that, the high-quality Magic Mirror photo boxes, which you can buy from us, will attract immediate attention with their integrated sound system. This provides acoustic support for user guidance on one side. You can also use the photo mirror for promotional purposes as well - to lure guests into the photo booth or to convey certain marketing messages audibly from afar.

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