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    You would like to buy a Magic Mirror as a marketing tool for a different range of application? Get informed without obligation about the possibilities of financing!


  • Made in Germany!

    All our photo booth systems - developed and handcrafted in our in-house workshop - can be viewed at our showroom! Ask for a date to visit us at our company.


Photomirror - buy a Magic Mirror


Smart is hip – whether it`s clothing or technical gadgets. There is a reason why the smartphone is the undisputed No. 1 of indispensable everyday-equipment of modern people. And this


Magic Mirror - Photobooth


The Magic Mirror model Manchester is equipped with the latest technology and a high-contrast and bright 55-inch OLED display. On the magical photo mirror animations run with


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Bigger and more glamorous - this characterizes not only London as a vibrant city. Our Magic Mirror model London, named after the UK capital, also stands for these qualities. With a height of 180 cm, it is


Magic Mirror | Photobooth-Fotobox


In order to attract attention with a mobile photo box today, you must have something very special to offer. And that's exactly what a full-body mirror with photo function is, which you can buy from us in


Oval Magic Mirror Photobooth


Elegance meets public appeal: this is our Magic Mirror (photo mirror) model Oxford. Based on the design of a full body mirror from the modern fashion world, it brings glamour to


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We truely can say, that our Magic Mirror (photo mirror) model Liverpool embodies a well rounded combination: As an eye-catching round mirror at head height, it offers users a


Magic Mirror Photobooth


With our Magic Mirror (photo mirror) model Glasgow you choose a compact photo box with huge touchscreen. Simply by its shape, this Magic Mirror is an eye-catcher, par excellence.


Magic Mirror photobooth


Comparatively inexpensive, extremely entertaining and with a lasting marketing effect: one could say that mobile photo boxes are kind of a round experience


  • Magic Mirror - Made in Germany!
    All systems can be viewed at our showroom.

Why buy a photo mirror?

  • ROI

    Promising Return Of Investment

  • Versatility

    Versatile applications and areas as well as different industries

  • Comprehensiveness

    Extensive software functions

  • POS

    Perfekt marketing tool for the point of sales

  • Fun factor

    At every celebration and every event

  • Start-up friendly

    Your quick entry into your self-employment

  • Communication

    Team building measurements and customer interaction

  • Branding

    Advertising space on screen or the photo booth housing

  • Unique selling point

    Stand out from the crowd

  • Target group expansion

    Varying offers - DJs and photographers

Why buy a magic mirror from us?

  • Made in Germany

    Made by master craftsmen

  • Support

    We advice and inform you in german and english language

  • Availability

    You can always reach us by phone

  • Experience

    Our event experience is extensive

  • Offer

    We offer training and software services

  • Order placement

    We are not letting you down

  • Leasing

    Financing offers and lease-purchace agreements

  • Warranty

    Quality and service

  • Partner

    We work closely together with the software developers

  • Custom Solutions

    Realization of customer requests - hardware/software

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